6 Amazing Accent-Wall Paint Ideas by Painting contractors Toronto

Cobalt Blue- Impact

A blue accent wall serves doubly in the industrial loft space of the bustling New York City. Type designer Russell Maret and photographer Annie Schlechter have used it to cover a wall which is thick and structured. They initially wanted a painting of Yves Klien but after consulting painting contractors Toronto, they made their wall at which they could look at. A striking colored accent wall is always the center of attraction and the focal point in any room. To make a wall stand out, like the one similar to Annie’s, try painting it with cobalt blue and offset it with lavender and pink touches.

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Coral- Raise Intrigue

To provide an unexpected touch which raises intrigue in a traditional space, Jewelry designer Elizabeth Locke designed her dining room with “ pompeian red”. Painter Malcolm Robson and decorator Alison Martin drew these colors from the silk curtains and the oriental rug and mixed multiple layers of glaze to bring a peachy orange color. Alison says that she finds people look much more wonderful in red and pink rooms. Painting contractors Toronto suggests that to reduce the formality of classic designs and furnishings and to add a fun counterpoint which is also vibrant, accent a wall in a bright color.

Soothing Pink- Soften

For a soft and serene look in a room, rather than top create a vibrant space, British artist Sue Williams A’Court painted soft pink on a wall in her living room. She says that this wall adds warmth and comfort into her huge light-filled living space. She also says that it is calming which could easily get sterile without the addition of color. On an accent wall, use light hues to make a focus and then add lights and bold art for a contrasting and fun effect.

Warm Red- Add Depth

Decorator Alessandra Branca of Rome didn’t want her living room to be a huge red room, but rather an inviting and elegant one. So, she instead opted to paint a large square on the wall and that gave the room the punch, depth and focus she wanted to inculcate. She picked rich terracotta red color to complement the other belongings in her living room. Painting contractors Toronto suggests that to create a sumptuous look on an accent wall, paint it with different shades of the color.

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Blue- Cool & Calm

The blue-white backdrop of creative director Morgane Sezalory’s dining area has a simple yet effective appeal and makes it seem both simple and modern at the same time. The blue-gray wall and shelves give a countryside effect and makes it a happy space to live in. Choose a blue accent wall with gray undertones for a relaxing effect. Make sure to keep your furnishings in neutral and natural tones.

Tangerine- Brighten

By adding an orange to a plain space, designer and painting contractors Toronto Mona Ross Berman has made a very basic space in her family’s beach house to appear to be fun and chic. Orange, with a slight pink tone, makes any space light up. This space is cheerful and lighthearted and is the first one upon entry which effectively sets tone for the rest of the house.


4 Benefits of Residential or Commercial Safes

If you are a new business owner or homeowner, you would want to invest in a safe. As the name signifies, Commercial Safes is used for protecting the valuables, no matter what they are. However, the question is why you have to protect your important items. You never know when a disaster like fire might necessitate the recovery of certain documents or items that irreplaceable. Safes will also help in preventing burglars and any other type of intruders from sneaking off with the treasured mementos. Read the blog to learn more about the benefits of the commercial and residential safes.

In Case of Fire

A certain incident in California shows that fire can take place at any time of the year. You might not be able to realize, but the prevention of fire is important for both businesses and homeowners.  If you install commercial safes, you will be able to prevent smoke and fire from spoiling your documents and other important keepsakes.  Even if snowstorms, blizzards, tornadoes, and hailstorms affect your home, the safes will be able to protect at a small section of your business or home.

Commercial Safe

Storing Dangerous Items

Do you own a gun for recreational or home defense purpose?  Or do you maintain or sell firearms at your place of business? A safe is capable of storing dangerous items like these. When you have younger children at home or if you host guests on a frequent basis, you have to be sure that the weapons are out of sight of sight and mind.

Stopping Burglars

Irrespective of where you reside, a burglary might take place. You have to make sure that you and your family premises are kept safe. Even if you are confident with the safety of the neighborhood, exercising a proactive foresight is not a bad idea at all.  The anti-burglary commercial safes can be placed somewhere out of the plain view. You can make it as unobtrusive as you can.

Commercial Safes

Safe and Sound

Lastly, you will want to feel safe and sound. At the end of the day, you lock up and this is the only part of the security process. However, you can be away from your office for the rest of the weekend or go for a holiday break. During this time, you can consider installing the burglary commercial safes that has access control systems.

When you plan on purchasing the safe, you have to make sure that you get one that is bigger than you need. Many customers complain that they did not buy a safe that was big enough. Also, you should consider the value of the content that you will be putting in the safe in the coming years. Moreover, you need to take into account if you want a wall safe or a hidden safe.  Floor safes provide great security if you install it in a floor that is surrounded by concrete. This commercial safes is great for protecting the valuables because of the body of the safe that is being encased in the concrete from all the sides. However, it lacks ire rating since the door is exposed without any fire board for dissipating the heat from the intense blaze.