The Vistaflame VF55 FS

Freestanding Multi-Fuel Stove

You can change the fuel type with the touch of a button - Super Premium, Premium, Standard Pellets, Utility Pellets or Alternate Fuels - from wood pellets, corn, wheat, barley, paper pellets to all bark pellets!

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Click here for the Owner's Manual (March 6, 2012 - present)

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FeaturesFreestanding Pellet Stove

  • EPA Tested Efficiency 76.6%
  • Heats up to 2500 sq. ft.
  • Up to 55,000 BTU’s
  • Low maintenance burner - This patent pending technology has an agitator rod in the burn pot that breaks up any clinker or ash and helps move it into the ash pan. This greatly reduces cleaning intervals and also allows you to burn lesser quality, inexpensive pellets and alternate fuels.
  • Quick start ignitor with air pump
  • Quietest pellet stove in the industry - (40 - 45 dB at 10 ft. away)
  • Built-in floor protection - no hearth pad required
  • Tri-Mode electronic controls Manual - Hi/Lo - Auto/Off


Archived Manuals

Click here for the Owner's Manual (July 7, 2009 - March 23, 2010)

Click here for the Technical Manual (July 9, 2009 - March 23, 2010)