Many times, a basement with no complete finishing gives an unpleasant feeling.  Though, there is a need to transform the basement with a Richmond Hill basement renovation. Without any doubt, you might be hunting for some help in visualizing the things that could be changed and looking for ways to transform the unused space into a meaningful attraction. When looking to fill the unconsumed space in your basement, you might be wondering to reach something which makes it look attractive.

In your Richmond Hill basement renovation, you can go with some options mentioned below to turn up the unconsumed space into an attractive place.

Richmond hill basement renovations

  1. Give place to a fireplace

For enjoying the warmth in the cold season, it is best to get a fireplace installed in your basement. When adding attraction in your basement area, it is great to first light it up and then add some shine into it. Enhance the place and raise the level of amenity purely with the fireplace. To give a tempting look, it is the right option. When selecting the fireplace options, go for “natural-gas fireplaces” which appears extremely eye-catching when captured by the naked eyes.

  1. Transform into a guest or patron room

When using the unconsumed space, it is great to construct a guest room. It is really convenient for the guests staying in your room with such a renovation. It is like using it in a useful manner. Host in the best way and avoid letting your guests rest in your bedrooms. In case, you’re the parent of an elder child, then it is smooth to build some private space for the child in the basement. In addition, you can allow some patrons to stay in your guest room down the basement in the way of rental options.

  1. Make a separate bathroom

If you’re feeling exhausted with just one bathroom in the house, then it is great to make a separate bathroom in the basement. Avoid fighting for who will be taking a bath first and getting late for your job. It becomes convenient for the guests also to use the bathroom located downstairs instead of just depending upon one bathroom located upstairs. In your Richmond Hill basement renovation, you can also add a guest room anytime if space is still kept unused.

basement renovations in richmond hill

  1. Make a way to your bar downstairs

Many times, people are fond of getting a home bar for enjoyment purposes. It is always convenient to keep things separated away from the upstairs only. If the room in the basement is left unused, then it is great to transform into a bar area. Throw a party in your own bar area and prevent any mess from the upstairs.

  1. Home theatre is also a good option

In your Richmond Hill basement renovation, it is great to get your own home theatre. For a couple of years, people keep entertainment rooms or home theatres down in the basement. Enjoy and have fun just by relaxing in the downstairs. Have some family time whenever you’re getting space from your busy schedule.

  1. Gym or exercise room could do the needful

Are you not able to spare much time and go for exercise in the gym? In such a case, it would be pleasant to build your own exercise area downstairs. You can enjoy your exercise schedule irrespective of any fixed timings. You won’t be getting charged for using your exercise area in the basement.

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