Which Heating System is best for High Rise Condos? A common Conundrum

Do you own a xo condo located in Toronto? Do you want to make your renters stay to be a cozy, happy and a comfortable one? If your answer is yes, then read on and find out the best heating system for you! An air conditioning and heating system which is both responsive and reliable plays an important role in achieving your business’s goals.

xo condos

The gist:

  • A centralized system for basement for a building of 6+ floors
  • The individual units in a building with less than six floors (more economically feasible)

Complete and comprehensive Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) services are provided for high rise xo condo and commercial buildings at ClimateCare.

Do all your buildings fit into this rule? Of course not!

Have ClimateCare evaluate the nature of your building and we will provide the best HVAC solutions for your high rise xo condo.


HVAC Systems – 6+ Floors

It is best for a high rise xo condo with six or greater than 6 floors to use the centralized system of HVAC. All the heating and air conditioning components will be within a single room in your building.

At ClimateCare, we have trained technicians for installing, repairing and maintaining the centralized HVAC system as these complex things have to distribute customized cooling and heating control for each zone/ unit in every building.

The training is provided by us to bring forth the best of your HVAC systems. Regular certification is provided on two primary cooling and heating systems.

  • 2 pipe system: Water source heat pump, also called the two-pipe system, is the most widely used one for this sized buildings. This system uses two pipes of high volume for the circulation of condenser water in each zone to the heat pumps. Flexibility and low cost are its best features.
  • Vertical stack of 4 pipes: This system uses the system of fan coil with water lines- 2 pairs. One pair is used for cold water while the other is used for hot. It is the most convenient one as the residents can switch back and forth with ease. The best part is its very quick response, even the response of top floor units!

HVAC Systems – 6 or fewer Floors

xo condos

ClimateCare, for smaller buildings, recommends the decentralized system. The best options available are single units of:

  • Ductless systems
  • Window-based systems

A ductless unit comprises an indoor component, an outdoor component and a cable which connects these both. The heating and cooling is efficient and space is also preserved by mounting them.

Small motels or hotels use the window-based system in which each rental has its own cooling and heating window unit.

The correct amount of power usage can be obtained, but the lifespan is shorter with more repairs.

Experts at ClimateCare are enthusiastic to help you with any HVAC system present in a high rise or low-rise xo condo located in Toronto.


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